Jekyll and Hyde Tour

About Jekyll and Hyde Tour

Zac Brown latest tour was known as “Jekyll and Hyde” Tour and it set off from May 2015 when they crisscrossed United States, Canada and England. They seemed to travel particularly for their fans all over these countries to satisfy the thirst of their fans to watch them perform live on stage. They performed their shows in a variety of places in stadiums like Fenway Park and Wrigley Field. The shows were also part of festivals like the Hangout Music Festival, CMA Music Festival, Florida Country Superfast and SummerFest. This Zac Brown Band tour was a follow up on their previous tour they dubbed the Great American Tour which was a big success as they made a remarkable $42.5 Million from 55 show stopping live performances starting from Nashville. “Jekyll and Hyde” tour was specifically organized to promote their fourth album Uncaged but some of their classic hit was also played. With the kinds of songs they bring to the table, there was no doubt that the music rocked the place. They played the songs from their fourth album and also awed their crowd with a past few hits. With a few surprise acts, it provided a great fun twist. In coloration with great music, the vibes they created with the instruments they played on the side left everybody shaking in ecstasy.

When touring, Zac Brown bands want their fans to have value for their hard earned money and usually, their shows last for about 3 hours each accompanied by intensity and the display on show is incomparable. The three tiered stage, the LED lights, the ambience, the music, the crowd – this created an atmosphere which was unforgettable by all those who attended. Most say that they await what Zac’s band has to offer the next time as they create an atmosphere that they haven’t yet experienced in anybody else’s shows ever before. The experimenting and risks that they take are truly plausible.

They also had Gregg Allman, The Avett Brothers and a few other celebrities’ curtain raising for them amidst fabulous LED display lights. This Zac Brown Band tour ended on 11th December, 2015 in Colombus.