Zac Brown Band Discs

Zac Brown Band are known for their unique style of country music, not only are they catchy, but a ordinary person can relate to their themes and message they put across, even if they are meant for entertainment purposes only. After they released their chart topping and award winning debut song “Chicken Fried” they followed it with some award winning and top selling Zac Brown Band albums. If you are not their fan, then you should know that the “Uncaged” CD sold more than one million copies when it was released and gave this amazing band some recognition, especially when they won their first Grammy’s and ACM Awards back in 2010 and 2011.

Fans usually expect something extraordinary every time Zac Brown Band hit the studios, this is true considering that they have released 4 studio albums on top of two other live albums which have churned out 8 number one singles amongst them “Toes”, “Free”, “As She is Walking Away” and many others. Let’s look at some of Zac Brown Band albums in details.

“The Foundation” Album

Zac Brown Band Foundation album coverAfter self releasing two albums, this was their first label studio release by the band on 18th November, 2008. It consisted of twelve country songs which proved to be a great hit and success too. Fans went crazy over the songs and they became the ‘favorites’ on most people’s iPods and MP3’s. It was supposed to be released under the Home Grown label and Big Picture Records but later Atlantic Nashville and other two labels joined hands.

A massive 3.4 million copies were sold in the year 2015 within US. Foundation was an immediate hit across US and Canada, considering that they received platinum certificates from these two countries. The songs “Chicken Fried”, “Toes” and “Whatever It Is” are fan’s favorite and they ranked high up in the US Bilboard, with “Chicken Fried” and “Toes” emerging 2nd and 9th respectively.

“You get what you give” Album

Zac Brown Band You Get What You Give album coverThis is the second masterpiece released by the band on 21st September, 2010. Fans had to wait for two good years before this Zac Bown Band CD was released and they didn’t disappoint and it had a total of fourteen country songs which were highly appreciated by the crowd and was reflected on the number of copies sold within the first week.

The song “Whiskey’s gone”, was part of the sound track of “True Blood” in the year 2008. This disc was a follow up of the successful “The Foundation” release and there was no musch variation from the previous album, critics were not hard on this CD and overly, it received favorable score of about 80% based on reviews. Some even considered this Zac Brown Band album to be a masterpiece taking into consideration their catchy lyrics and sounds, perhaps this are the other reason fans multiplied across the board.

It received the first position in both US billboard country albums and US billboard 200. On the Canadian Album charts it gained a position of 12 and 20th position in the Australian Country Albums. Furthermore, it received a gold certification in Canada and platinum in US.

“Uncaged” Album

Zac Brown Band Uncaged album coverThis is an award winning work, so you can imagine the hype it must have caused at its release.

In one of the interviews, Zac says this release was not a simple collection of songs but a one thoroughly thought out album. The goal of the release was to make the listeners get up, shake their hips and simply dance to the tune towards the end.

The CD was released on the 10th of July, 2012 and was a mix of Country rock and Jam band and the hype surrounding its release was reflected by the commercial success of the album, it sold a massive 1.2 million copies in the US alone. It also won the Grammy Awards for the “Best album of the year”. With this combo, it gained maximum attraction from all over.

It received positive reviews in all possible occasions ‘Refreshing’, ‘a musical celebration’ and ‘best album ever’, were some of the kinds of words and phrases used to describe this album. They were awarded a gold certification in Canada and platinum in the US.

Early Zac Brown Band Albums

Some of their self released Zac Brown Band albums include:

  • “Far from Einstyne” released in 2004
  • “Home Grown” released in 2005